Travelling Through The Dark lions club coin Analysis By William Stafford

The choice of the final part’s structure – a couplet rather than a stanza – also seems justified. By making the last constituent shorter than others, the author has created the air of incompleteness. This approach allows more space for readers’ analysis of the poem’s problem in particular and the complicated issues in life in general. The second stanza is rich in imagery, focusing on shapes and colors. When the narrator mentions that he was moving “By the glow of the tail-light” , a sinister and rather horrifying picture comes to mind.

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  • Because both words start with the same consonant sound, a connection between them is more evident.
  • We know that he is stopped by the life inside that run over deer of an unborn baby deer.
  • The speaker uses a euphemism, “large in the belly” to describe this fact.
  • The car has qualities of life although its not living; the deer has no life although it is living due to the doe.

The red color of the car’s tail-light disseminated in the dark reminds of blood and makes one think of the innocent animal that was killed. However, the choice of words to denote the act of taking away the doe’s life focused not on the action but the result. By saying “a recent killing” rather than ‘was killed,’ Bradford makes the animals’ death look instantaneous and active.

The word “swerving” in line 17 resounds with “swerve” in line 4. The speaker reminds one again that disobeying the road’s rules and violating its direction will not bring any good. Hence, he “pushed over the edge into the river” just as it has always been done. The speaker believes that he will lions club coin later regret having followed his chosen road; “I shall be telling this with a sigh”. How life can be impact and how can one change trough the decisions we take. Frost names the poem “The Road Not Taken” rather than “The Road Taken” to suggest that once a choice is made between two equal choices, the tendency is to wonder about the choice not made.

Lines 9

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The Car

Select any word below to get its definition in the context of the poem. The words are listed in the order in which they appear in the poem.

William Stafford traveling Through The Dark & Robert Frost the Road Not Taken Analysis

Stafford tells of a story that has many meanings but they all come down to one thing. The truth is this story is about mankinds relationship with nature. His first concern is for humanity and he even finishes the deer off next to his car which almost seems like a steed. I think he didnt do a noble thing even though he can justify it. Just shows the cruelty and disregard of nature by humanity.

Stanza Two

Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. The main theme of the story is sense of emotion and responsibility. The poet means to say sometimes the sense of emotion is more than the sense of duty. Fill in your paper’s academic level, deadline, and the required number of pages from the drop-down menus. The questions suggested by the poem are many, and they concern each individual’s particular responsibility for the environment as a whole as well as for the other creatures that inhabit it. Stafford uses personification effectively to indicate and insist that all creatures are in the world together; human responsibility is finally a communal as well as an individual one.

The problem is that the choices and decisions we make do not only affect our moral ideals, but also the world surrounding us. Nature in the form of a doe is portrayed as an object of pity while the car is an object of unsympathetic image expressing the pleasure while the doe is dead. The poet uses fine imagery in his poem, as in ‘large in the belly’, ‘the heap, a doe’ which gives us a vivid idea of the doe who was lying dead on the road side with her baby inside yet to born.

A special emphasis in this stanza is made on the car, which becomes an active participant in the situation due to the use of personification. The line “The car aimed … its ” compares the vehicle to a person with a straightforward look. The “purr…” of the engine symbolizes the car’s heartbeat. While the situation with a deer is already sad enough, it being a female made it more dramatic.

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This symbolizes humans being caught in the struggle between technology and mankind. In the beginning, the poet is moved deeply by the fawn but at the end, we find he ends the life of the fawn by pushing its mother down into the river. So the tone of the poem is ironical but the readers sympathize with fawn. ‘Traveling through the Dark’ by William Stafford is a five-stanza poem that is separated into sets of four lines, known as quatrains. This remains true throughout the entire poem until the final stanza, which has two lines, making it a couplet. This means that the lines do not follow a specific rhyme scheme or metrical pattern.